Patrick and Sarah joined Madlab in the spring of 2020 during the initial COVID-19 shutdowns. They knew that better systems were needed to keep their coaches and incentivize them properly moving forward. 

After an initial meeting with Patty, Sarah and Patrick dove right in and began working with Audrey (their implementation manager). 

Since starting, Patrick and Sarah can now see a future they didn't see before and credit the coach co-op and compensation model for allowing them the freedom to take off for a one-month-long vacation in the summer of 2022. 

In Madlab Radio Episode #1 Patrick and Sarah discuss why they ran their business the way they did in the early days and how using the Madlab system, its nine laws, and its six KPIs has drastically changed how they run their business and created a financial future they never knew was possible as a gym owner.

00:30 Intro Patrick and Sarah - Findlay Movement
1:15 has it been worth it?
2:16 how you find Madlab
6:25 decorated coaches
7:18 quality and retention of coaches why 36 an hour for 18 classes a week won't cut it
8:30 starting a family and being a professional coach - coaching is a skilled trade
9:12 we were never going to be able to retain talented coaches
10:09 fundamental difference between coach compensation - hourly vs performance
13:40 why performance-based pay - certs don't pay bills - able to handle the administrative load - can bring in your business
17:20 why does it work for the client - fair level of autonomy
20:00 Subtle differences
22:00 confidence to charge more
23:30 retention rate
24:20 improved group classes
24:20 what are we paying the coach for?
26:26 new prices
27:00 all restaurants use the same ingredients, but the food comes out drastically different
28:29 the industry race to the bottom
29:00 own your own brand - rebranding
30:00 selling two-day certs - the flaws
32:16 the easiest way to start your own business
33:50 are you ready to admit you need help
35:13 who thrives in the Madlab Model
37:57 its not about day 1; its about day 10,000
38:23 I didn't know what I didn't know
40:30 what we got right before Madlab
41:37 it was the only way had seen it done
42:40 making a career out of coaching - where is the messaging
43:48 a look back to 2004 get fit fast and hard
45:50 what was Crossfit missions under Greg Glassman
49:00 how business owners win in the Madlab model
51:00 we are taking all of august to vacation
55:53 what does life look like 5 years from now
58:32 its a full-scale change
59:20 when we switched to Madlab
1:00:58 revenue
1:07:50 Patty's mistakes
1:09 how Madlab can improve
1:17:04 closing

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