Before joining the Madlab Group, Patrick Heringer and Sarah Jenkins, the owners of Findlay Movement in Cincinnati, Ohio, had just one full-time coach. At the time, they consistently lost 4.5 members each month, their average client value was $152 a month, and their average monthly gross revenue was $14,200 a month.

Fast forward to 2021, and Heringer and Jenkins have grown their membership by 42 percent. Further, they now have three full-time coaches, and their average client value sits at $203 a month. Best of all, their monthly revenue has increased to $26,000 a month, and they hit 29 percent profit in 2021. 

Though Heringer and Jenkins have been the ones to put in the hard work on their business, Jenkins said the ongoing mentorship they have been receiving from their Madlab mentor Audrey Patterson—who they meet with via Zoom once every two weeks—has been invaluable. 

“She has definitely helped with how to implement and create systems...She has helped us figure out what order to make changes in, and she keeps me focused on the next step,” Jenkins explained. 

“I’m always like, ‘Look at all the things we need to do,’ and she’s always like, ‘No, look at all the things you have already done and how you have progressed.’ She has helped us progress in a way that’s sustainable. Every time she has given us homework, it has helped provide more value,” Jenkins added. 

One big game changer for Findlay Movement has been putting all of their clients on hybrid memberships, meaning they do a combination of group classes and one-on-one sessions with their personal coach. 

This has gone a long way in increasing average client value, Jenkins said, adding that the option she has found works best is when clients do regular group classes and also meet with their coach once every six weeks before a new programming cycle begins.

“Before, I was always like, ‘So, this is our cheapest option,’” she explained. She lacked confidence in selling the hybrid membership, which led her to shy away from pushing people into a more expensive hybrid membership at times, Jenkins explained. 

But last year, during a cohesion call with Patterson and Madlab School of Fitness Director Tom Sarosi, she had an aha moment that helped her understand the importance of a hybrid membership, not just for the business, but for clients and coaches, too. 

 “There was a moment on the call where I really understood the why behind the hybrid membership, why it’s so valuable,” she said.

Looking Ahead to 2022

Heringer and Jenkins still have their own book of clients and spend a handful of hours on the floor each week, but Jenkins plans to transition away from on-floor coaching by the end of the second quarter of 2022 to focus primarily on growing the business. 

“I have a transition plan set,” she said, adding that the plan includes bringing on another coach in the upcoming weeks.

Their second goal is to grow the business another 20 percent in 2022 and finally to be able to take a much-needed vacation. 

“Our plan is to take the entire month of August off and go on the road in a camper,” Jenkins said, adding that this is a luxury that wouldn’t have been possible without the success they had in 2021.

- Emily Beers 

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