Nathan and Sarah run their gym in a town of 1200 people. With nearly 150 members, almost 10% of the population of the area they live work with them in some fasion.

Patty sits down with them to talk about business in a small town and how the Madlab model, personal relationships and a long-term plan have helped them kick ass and take names over the past seven years.

00:00 - intro 
00:40 - how they found madlab and why they stick with us
2:10 - you can’t marry yourself to your gym 
2:38 - small town Manitoba 
150 clients in brick and mortar 
3:45 - how they do remote coaching 
4:00 - Sarah's background 
5:37 - Nathans's story 
8:00 - how they started and why they sought out help 
10:34 - client development process
12:15 - the old intake process at Southwest 
15:25 - track the data and hone the process
16:34 - new client intake process
21:03 - Why is the old model still in existence 
23:02 - How many mistakes can you make in a small town?
24:56 - how has the business evolved over the past 7 years 
29:17 - life if you never found Madlab
30:24 - the future for Sarah and Nathan
32:20 - thought leaders in the industry 
33:00 - never would have thought I wanted to be a coach who could make money 
34:55 - what would you say to the outside world
37:48 - life outside of the gym 
38:35 - javelin was Sarah's event
38:49 - ducks in a row 
42:11 - last words

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