Nick Penizotto had been following along with Madlab and its systems for some time. After a long and winding road, he started working with Madlab officially in the fall of 2021

He admits the first time he saw the ideas and the 9 Laws he was "scared shitless." 

Since starting with Madlab Nick now has a team of full-time coaches who earn a professional wage and he aims to grow that team and hopes to crack the 1 million dollar mark in gross revenue by 2027.

In Madlab Radio Episode #2, Patty and Nick chat about the old days of CrossFit, the franchise model and its flaws and how coach buy-in and client retention are the keys to long viability as a gym owner.  

00:30 Intro
1:24 How did you find Madlab
3:03 What is a professional coaching service 
6:19 The client intake process
10:20 Why you did it the old way and how you do it now
17:07 The CrossFit way
24:33 The franchise model and its flaws 
19:10 Patty's mission in life
30:20 Nicks origin story
32:54 Starting with Madlab in 2021
37:09 Increase in profit
41:58 Coach investment
47:49 How the client intake process affects retention
52:32 Coaches and their long term buy-in
56:45 Average client value
58:56 The next phase of Nick's gym
1:02:39 The Madlab way or no way 
1:05:30 Smoothie shops 
1:06:20 How can Madlab get better

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