For Gym Owners and Professional Coaches Who Want to Build A GREAT Gym.


When you understand the numbers behind a successful gym and career coach,  you are on your way to exponentially increasing your profit, decreasing your headaches and opening yourself up to a life less burdened with work and life stress!

Madlab 101 teaches the math and the fundamental systems needed to create high value clients and coaches who earn a professional wage  – fundamentals created by actual gym owners and coaches FOR gym owners and coaches.


This 16-module course is about showing gym owners and coaches the opportunity in the Madlab model by giving you some simple data-driven strategies to implement NOW.

We’ll even pull back the curtain on the math and fundamentals behind our own million-dollar gym and give you the tools and resources to build a solid foundation for your business and your career.

Gym owners

Learn how your gym can generate 20% profit year over year.

Professional Coaches

Discover the building blocks to making $80 plus a year.


Our math works for the Gym owner, Coach and the Client, and the Fundamental Systems

allow all three parties to work together for the long haul while winning simultaneously.

Disclaimer: It's not a pie in the sky approach to get as many people in your gym as you can.

Our Promise

This isn’t about the latest marketing gimmick or over inflated promises. Madlab 101 is grounded in real world math and is intended to fast-track your introduction to Madlab’s data driven plan and accredited program for coaches and gym owners.


We Will Teach You:

Gym Owners: How to build a million-dollar gym
Coaches: How to become an $80k plus coach


What You Will Learn:

Gym Owners: You will learn how to free yourself up to make more money - by handing over client retention & acquisition to your coaches. 

Coaches: You will learn how to lean into the system, value your time, be clear about what you sell and offer, and deliver it exceptionally.

This course Includes:

✅  Lifetime access to Online Madlab Educational Portal
✅  15 Modules of video-based learning
✅  Free 30 minute mentorship call

For Gym Owners

For Coaches


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