Dylan Wall started coaching at CrossFit Austin in Texas in 2017, mostly as a youth weightlifting coach. As the program grew and he became more invested in the community, he decided to extend his role and try to become a full-time coach.

He started the Madlab Professional Coach Development Program (PCDP) in 2019 and started making his way through the ranks and building his book of clients.

Today Dylan has aspirations of earning six figures and he’s well on his way. Even amidst a global pandemic, Wall managed to get himself to a place where he was able to leave his other job and is now a full-time coach at CrossFit Austin.

He credits working with mentor coach Derek Goff with helping him move through the ranks so quickly.

“Derek is the reason why I exit our zoom meeting so fired up. Whether it’s just asking us follow-up questions to get us thinking or actually giving us specific actions to do, he has always been a huge help in how I implement the Madlab system at CrossFit Austin, (along) what the mentors I have here.”

Dylan’s key metrics:

Client churn: In the last year, Dylan’s client retention has been just above 80 percent. During the height of the pandemic, he lost just one client, while two others went on hold and have since returned.

Average client value: His average client value is $190. He earns 36 to 44 percent of the revenue generated from his hybrid membership clients, and 70 percent of the revenue from his weightlifting program.

Dylan says the hybrid membership model has helped him increase both his average client value and retention: “They let us provide the value of being able to check in on a client on a consistent basis, and make sure they don’t become stagnant in their goals. It allows us as coaches for life to keep furthering a trusting athlete, coach relationship. That’s what I love about the Madlab system as a whole; it allows for the fostering of lifelong relationships centred around health, fitness and community.”

Hours worked: Between group classes, weightlifting classes and his four to five personal training sessions each week, Dylan works an average of 27 on-floor hours each week.

Dollars per hour: Currently, his hourly rate sits at around $45 an hour, but he knows this is only the beginning.

“There’s unlimited growth in this compensation model. As long as I’m putting the work in, my tribe can keep growing,” he said. “I feel so blessed that my gym follows Madlab almost to a T.”

He added: “I never thought in a million years I’d be able to make a decent living coaching. I’m living the dream at 27 years old, and that’s because of Madlab and the system they have set up.”

Dylan’s ultimate goal: To become a “six-figure coach,” he said. “I don’t want to limit myself. The next step is to get closer to $75,000 or $80,000, but there’s no limit.” And under this system, he knows it’s very possible. “I just have to put in the work,” he said.

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