First things first, what are hybrid memberships?

Hybrid memberships at Madlab Group gyms mean that after clients finish one-on-one fundamentals, they do a combination of group classes and one-on-one training (some also follow individualized training plans). 

The most common membership is three to five group classes a week, plus a personal training session every six months in conjunction with the six-week programming blocks followed in the group class.

Why do we put clients on hybrid memberships?

Simple: Doing so increases client retention and average client value, which are two of the six key performance indicators we use to measure success. 

But how do they do this?

Five Reasons for Hybrid Memberships

1. Increases Client Success Through Individualization

It’s hard to argue that the best program for any individual isn’t one that caters to their individual needs, goals, priorities, schedule, abilities etc. This, of course, can be challenging to offer in a group class. So the continued one-on-one touchpoint between a consistent personal coach and client allows the client to approach each six-week training block in the best way for them. 

Further, the individualized attention gives the coach the opportunity to check in with the client, assess their progress, adjust their training based on anything that has changed in their lives, and offer other types of lifestyle coaching, such as nutrition coaching, something that is next to impossible to address in the group setting.

In short, individualized coaching leads to increased client success, and clients who are successful, stick around.

Food for thought: Have you ever had a client lose 50 pounds or get their first pull-up and quit the next week?

2. Increased Retention Through Relationship-Building

Have you ever had a client go through 10 personal training sessions during their fundamentals—where you started building a relationship—but then they start group classes and you rarely see them, let alone have important conversations with them about their progress in the gym or what’s going on in their lives?

The hybrid relationship not only keeps the relationship going, but it helps continue to build the trust and loyalty between coach and client, which has a huge impact on increasing client retention. 

3. Increased Client Accountability

Ever have a client get busy or stressed out and miss the gym for two weeks? At that point, sometimes they feel out of their rhythm, and all of a sudden two weeks turn into one month?

Bringing them in for a one-on-one personal training session via their hybrid session is the easiest way to bring them back, to find out what’s really going on, and to help them renew their commitment and accountability to themselves.

4. Increased Coach Engagement

There’s nothing better for a coach than the feeling of making a difference. And it’s hard to truly make a difference in clients’ lives as you’re administering a generic workout and being a timekeeper. Making a difference comes with a personal touch, with truly being a personal coach in your client’s corner, to help them navigate the ins and outs, ups and downs of life. 

And any coach who is making a bigger impact is more likely to be more engaged, more motivated, more fulfilled, and, well, just a better coach for the client and the business.

5. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

The hybrid membership allows you to set yourself apart from the other gyms in your area, to offer something more valuable than the average group class facility.

And because of this increased value, you’re offering via a consistent personal coach, you can charge more money, meaning average client value can increase overnight simply by introducing hybrid memberships.

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