Tripp is a good example of how the Madlab model can work in any gym. Tripp's gym tailors to athletes in the 12-22 year range and focuses on them helping improve for their high school and college sports seasons. He also trains average joes, but much of his focus is performance training for athletics. 

Tripp and Patty chat about why the model works, how Tripp was skeptical at first and how he can confidently leave his gym for months at a time because of how his coaches are incentivized and paid. 

They also talk about what it's like to train pro athletes and how that does bring an added layer of credentials to him and his business. 

00:00 - intro
2:53 - Tripp's gym and his clients
4:40 - Tripp finding Madlab
9:45 - The impact of Madlab
14:19 - Bringing in a friend and a referral
19:14 - Antonito and setting him up for success
21:33 - An ethical and sustainable gym
22:30 - Would Tripp have his opened gym if there was a Madlab one to work in?
24:15 - Being a gym owner
25:56 - Intake and fundamentals process
32:04 - Taking on 400 new members, could you do it?
32:48 - First sale using Madlab tools
38:30 - Where Tripp would be if kept doing it the old way
41:36 - Taking on additional facilities 
42:53 - How and why the model works
47:18 - You need a big heart!
48:12 - Prices and rates
53:33 - Next steps - baseball programs
55:58 - Packages and people visiting to train with Tripp
1:01:42 - Contact and history of people through his gym
1:06:48 - Chad Hall
1:09:34 - Outro and coach success

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