Hanna chats with Patty about how she and her staff dove in head first to the Madlab model and how the changes helped them turn their gym into a powerhouse of a business.

00:00 - intro to Hanna
2:07 - tired of scraping by every month
2:55 - started with Audrey in May 2022
3:12 - it was do or die
3:34 - numbers before Madlab
6:00 - how much does Hanna likes coaching 
7:18 - what did life look like before Madlab?
8:55 - you can only know and take care of so many people
9:46 - Patty's confession - how to find people like Hannah
12:32 - why the old model always fails the affiliate owner
14:14 - what good things have happened since working with Madlab?
16:40 head coach made 3x what they used to make
17:05 what are you doing that is working so well?
18:42 - over the course of a year would, we would get 20 new people in a month only to lose 20 people that same month
20:54 - how the coaches get paid
22:30 - what is the thing that has kept the industry from paying coaches better?
24:24 - talking to gym owners and what is their reluctance? - I’m not the expert here
25:33 - gym owners think they can save themselves, the reality is they can’t 
27:28 - Hanna's advice for finding new gym owners 
28:38 - I felt bad that coaches were getting paid what they were getting paid - I wouldn’t have worked for that wage per hour
29:21 - Hannas process for making the change - ROI
30:18 - the whole atmosphere inside the gym has changed
31:41 - Hanna's personal life and how it has changed 
33:26 - picking between two business mentors 
34:53 - napkin math and 100 new clients
36:55 - how many full-time coaches
38:47 - the size of the gym

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