Step 4: Hybrid Memberships

Once the client is through fundamentals, the client begins a combination of group classes (generally two to four classes per week) and periodic one-on-one personal training or lifestyle consults with their personal coach.

The frequency in which the client meets their coach for a personal training session depends, once again, on the unique needs of the individual. The options include:

  • Once per week
  • Once per month
  • Once every other month
  • Once per 6-weeks as per the 6-week programming cycles in the class (This is the most common approach at Madlab School of Fitness)
  • Once per quarter

The purpose of the session is to monitor progress, reassess the clients’ goals, and prepare them for the next cycle. In some cases, the time is used for nutrition coaching and can be administered as a lifestyle consult as opposed to a training session. 

On top of this, many clients also choose to attend various specialty programs—endurance programs, weightlifting classes, mobility classes etc, and others still choose to do some individual program design, as well.


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