Step 3: PT Fundamentals

Based on what the coach and client agreed upon, the client continues working with the same coach somewhere between two and four days a week to complete usually between eight and 20-plus additional personal training sessions.

The goal of these sessions is to provide the client with the appropriate tools to be able to be successful in a group setting. This, of course, includes hinging variations, squat variations, pushing, pulling, and midline variations.

By the time the client finishes their fundamentals, they have a good idea of which movements are appropriate for them, their various strength numbers, as well as an understanding of how to pace themselves while rowing, biking etc.

Though each gym takes a slightly different approach based on their programming, at Madlab School of Fitness specifically, our class programming demands clients understand the following before they attend group classes:

  • 1 rep max deadlift (or whatever substitute movements they can do in lieu of the deadlift if that isn’t an appropriate movement for them).
  • 3 rep max squat (or substitute squat variation).
  • 8 rep max goblet squat
  • (In some cases): 1 rep max clean
  • Gymnastics capacity: What level can they complete 5 sets of 10 strict pull variation?
  • Gymnastics capacity: What level can they complete 5 sets of 10 strict push variation?
  • 10 minute Air Bike (average watts and total calories)
  • 2 km row (Total time and average watts)
  • Understanding of which midline movements are appropriate for them
  • Understanding of which pushing movements are appropriate for them: landmine press, DB press, floor press, barbell shoulder press etc
  • Understanding of which pulling movements are appropriate for them: ring row, pull-up, chest-to-bar pull-up etc

Once the client and the coach are confident that the client will be successful in the group setting, the client then begins a hybrid membership (This is the subject of the next chapter).

**Note, this is the case for 85 percent of clients. Another 10-15 percent choose to remain in personal training or begin some form of individual program design.


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