Step 2: Three-day Assessment

We used to go right from the one-on-one consultation session to selling 10-15 personal training sessions up front, but in 2016 we started moving to a 3-personal training session assessment first, and then additional personal training sessions, where the number of sessions depend on the client’s wants, needs, goals, budget etc.

We have found the 3-personal training session assessment (At Madlab School of Fitness, it’s $270) is a better approach for the client. They are still required to put some skin in the game, but it gives them the power to be able to stop after that if they’re not seeing the value (this seldom happens, however) with the training.

The 3-pt assessments are designed to screen clients’ movement patterns assess any limitations due to movement deficiencies or injuries, their strength, aerobic capacity etc. And, of course, it’s a chance to continue to build rapport and trust between the client and coach.

By the end of the three sessions, the coach has a pretty good picture of the client’s needs, and the client has a good picture of the coach’s coaching style.

From there, there’s usually a discussion about how many more personal training sessions the client will need before they can begin their hybrid membership.


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