Tom Sarosi

Director - Madlab School of Fitness

Tom is the get stuff done guy at Madlab. Wearing so many hats is something Tom loves about his role at Madlab. On top of coaching, Tom ensures the day-to-day and the big picture stuff at Madlab School of Fitness is taken care of.

“Getting to work with clients and focus on the big picture is something I really love. Sometimes the only way to understand how something works is to be in the trenches getting dirty with everyone else.”

Tom found his groove in 2016 after completing the in-house apprenticeship program at Madlab. Since then, he has been full steam ahead with his clients and his specialty programs.

“Having gone through the process of being an apprentice makes me appreciate where I am way more. I truly did start at the bottom, and I am so grateful for where I am today.”

Though Tom still has all the roles and responsibilities of a coach, much of his focus is now on the next generation.

“On top of helping our clients live and feel better, I want to help people who want to make it in the fitness industry. It’s far from easy, but if you’re willing to put your head down, work, and gut it out, I’ll help you do it every step of the way.”


1980 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC Canada
V5N 0A9