First Seal


Madlabs' first seal is all about honing the client development process and ensuring that the systems are in place to focus on the client's success.

Starting with the client and their needs sets the tone and the expectations for the entire system. 

Clients need to know that they are signing up for more than a gym membership. They are signing up for a professional coaching service with a professional coach.

First Seal facilities have a clear and dedicated client education process. 

- 1:1 Intro Conversation, by Appointment Only 

- Assessment & Fundamentals Phase - 1:1 Personal Training to educate and enable the client to be successful and autonomous in the facility programming before graduating into full membership

- Hybrid Memberships - Combination of Group / Semi-Private Training and ongoing Personal Training sessions

- Coach for Life - Every client has a coach who is dedicated to their ongoing success & retention. The Coach tailors the programming for the client and creates a long-term plan for that individual's needs and goals. 

Coaches & clients are signing up to play the long game. 

Once a gym has achieved the 1st Seal status, they continue to deliver a professional service to their clients while also mentoring more coaches into the Coach for Life role.

The focus is on long-term ethical & sustainable growth while retaining both clients and coaches.

Coach education and development are ongoing -- enabling clients (the gym members) to have more exposure to professional coaches and benefit from their continuing education.

Second Seal


Reaching second seal status means that the coaches in a facility are well taken care of.

They are compensated for their performance instead of for their time, and they can start to see a path where they can earn a professional wage and have coaching be their lifelong career.

Coaches in a second seal gym bridge the gap between fitness and health care and can provide a gym's members with more structure, cohesion and vision.

Professional coaches are the key to changing the broken fitness industry. 

Second Seal facilities have clearly established the following:

- Coach Development - continuing education & mentorship

- Coach Compensation - performance based 

- Coach Co-Op - a team of coaches working together, sharing responsibilities and collaborating to deliver the best possible service to all of the clients

Maintaining 4+ Associate level coaches who are able to earn a sustainable income and stay in the industry for the long term. They retain their clients year over year and they are regarded as experts in their field. 

Every decision has to benefit the Client, the Coach, and the Business -- even a decision to sell. 

The path to the Third Seal focuses on ensuring the long-term success and viability of the business. Ensuring the legacy and community can last beyond just the owner.


Third Seal


Reaching the Third Seal means that everything is moving well, and a facility is a well-oiled machine and it's:

- Profitable - it earns a profit after everyone is paid, allowing for reinvestment into the business, equipment, and coaches (profit share)

- A Turnkey Asset - business runs without direct daily involvement from the owner.

Third seal gyms focus on improving the bottom line, profit sharing and creating a sellable business asset. The business owner can focus on the long-term legacy they wish to create. 

In order for a gym to last 50-100 years, there needs to be a succession plan. 

Third Seal facilities are set up to be sustainable and profitable -- making them desirable assets and more likely to remain as solid institutions for clients and coaches for years to come.

"I wish when I opened my gym for the first time this (the Math and Fundamentals) would have been a prerequisite."

Chris Cristini

"Working with Madlab has opened up a financial future we had always envisioned but had no clear path to reaching."

Sarah Jenkins

"This is not an overnight process, Madlab will show you the way, but you have consistently put in the work."

Chris & Carrie Auster