“Full transparency. Right before I got in touch with Madlab, we were in a world of financial hurt.”

Anthony Fields, owner of
Copper City CrossFit in Montana

At one point, Fields could barely cover payroll.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying. Fields had tried all kinds of things. He had been a member of TwoBrain Business and tried their 4/9th compensation model. It seemed like a good idea, but he found that coaches still weren’t able to earn enough money, nor did it encourage them to build relationships with and retain clients.

Enter Madlab in October 2018, and within just a few months, the return on investment was paid for.

The first change Fields made was to increase his fundamentals program from just three personal training sessions to 10 to 15 one-on-one sessions.

The second notable change was to implement Madlab’s hybrid gym memberships, meaning once clients finish their fundamentals they do a combination of group classes and personal training to work on their individualities with their coach.

“This has really helped clients feel like they’re being taken care of,” Fields said. “The hybrid memberships really provide a good structure and system for the coach and the client, to be able to have periodic touchpoints with their clients.”

He added: “Before, it was just sort of anecdotal. I’d be like, ‘Oh, I haven’t seen so and so in a while. I better give them a call.’ But now we have a structure to really help take better care of our clients and a system in place to make sure it happens.”

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Within just a few months of making these changes, he was experiencing a return on his Madlab investment.

Fast-forward another year, and Fields had his best year financially in 2019 that he had had since opening his doors eight years prior.

“Our monthly revenue went up every single month last year,” Fields said, adding that he also now has three coaches on the Madlab compensation model.

Enter COVID-19

Since COVID-19 hit the world, Fields has only become more convinced of the value of having the Madlab Group in his life.

“During the last couple months especially, Madlab has really helped us. They provided good bullet points and a structure to follow when we had to close our doors. I really feel like we were always a few steps ahead of other gyms in our area because of it,” he said.

“Madlab really has been that steady hand and voice in a time where it would be easy to let the anxiety get the better of you.”


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